Contain Health Care Costs

The Medical Lawsuit Initiative would obliterate existing safeguards against out-of-control medical lawsuits and result in skyrocketing health care costs for all Californians while providing bigger payouts for attorneys. Contrary to proponents’ claims, this medical lawsuit initiative doesn’t just increase the cap on non-economic damages, it essentially eliminates the cap altogether. The lawyers behind the measure have hidden language in the initiative that will increase payouts for attorneys.

Under this new category of lawsuits, neither awards nor attorneys’ fees would be capped. Our health care system would bear the brunt of the increased costs as the result of the initiative being passed.

The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office has said, “This measure would likely have a wide variety of fiscal effects on state and local governments,” adding that it would increase “annual government costs likely ranging from the low tens of millions of dollars to the high hundreds of millions of dollars.”

There has never been a more important time to ensure that Californians have access to quality, affordable health care. This medical lawsuit initiative’s increased costs would force community clinics, where some of our most vulnerable and at-risk patients go for care, to reduce their services or close their doors altogether. And in a state already facing a physician shortage, it would drive doctors to cut back the care they offer or leave the state entirely.

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